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Tips and Tricks for Creating and Using Educational Escape Rooms

Teachers and students alike love taking a break from worksheets and making learning fun with alternative activities like games or escape rooms. I began creating escape rooms when my own children complained about math being boring, now The Great Classroom Escape is my business!

Learning to create educational escape rooms has required a lot of trial and error on my part. I would love to save you some time and energy by sharing what I’ve learned!

math challenges and brain teasers

Guess My Number Challenge

I’m Thinking of a Number… Can you solve this week’s math brain teaser? There is only one correct solution to this problem. Share your answer

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10 Escape Room Backstory Ideas

Ten Escape Room Backstory Ideas

Writing a creative storyline is one of the key components to creating an engaging escape room. Without a story to follow along with, an educational escape room can become a thinly veiled worksheet.

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Fun with CIphers

The Pigpen Cipher

I haven’t met a kid who doesn’t love cracking codes. Storytime. My dad was a crypto-analyst during the Vietnam War. He worked on cracking codes

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